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Educational provisions and learning disability. Madhuri Kulkarni, Sunil Karande, Anjana Thadhani, Hetal Maru and Rukhshana Sholapurwala Indian J Pediatr 73(9):789-93 (2006)

Profile of Poor School Performance in Children in Mumbai, Maharashtra Sunil Karande, Bindiya Doshi, Anjana Thadhani, Rukhshana Sholapurwala Indian Pediatrics Vol 50 – April 13, 427

Lower IQ bar to help kids with Learning disabilities



Recommendations on recognition and response to child abuse and neglect in the Indian setting. Kiran Aggarwal, Samir Dalwai, Preeti Galagali, Devendra Mishra, Chhaya Prasad, Anjana Thadhani and Child Rights And Protection Program (CRPP) of Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP) Indian Pediatr 47(6):493-504 (2010).
Behavioral Disorders